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Thai Culinary & Cooking Experience

Cooking up a fiery four course lunch from scratch under scorching heat in a traditional Thai Hut! From Picking herbs at petit herbal garden and grinding with mortar and pestle, as well as cracking coconut, shaving or flossing the meat and hand squeezing the milk traditional way for our green curry chicken cooked with loads of not just herbs but TLC; alongside with Tom Yum, Deep Fried Golden Pocket, and Thai Pudding, Followed by lunch! Instructors are fluent in English too! Mind you no A/C but perfectly Zen and enjoyable! Feeling sooo good after a good sweat!

Awesome experiences

From the pick up and drop off to the hotel, and the market tour ( clean and well organized local market call Or Tor Kor) our guide Som & Pop introduce us the cooking ingredients and brought us for a tour at the market before heading to the cooking school which located at a resort type building surrounded by lush of greenery. Chef Noi was fun while conducting the class. All ingredients were prepared by the cooking school and we learned step by step how to marinate and cook all the three dishes. By the end of the class we all sat down in a long table and enjoying our own ?creation?. Strongly recommended.

Great fun in a stunning setting

This is a great way to spend a morning making new friends. The teachers are great fun and the setting is stunning. Definitely one to put on your travel plans when you are in Bangkok. Surprisingly, it turns out I can cook!!