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Do not flinch at trying out this opportunity.

The amount of attention to detail blew my mind. From the moment they picked you up at your hotel to the moment you stepped foot in the grounds, this was an extremely relaxing experience. I am not a good cook, and this staff made everything taught seem realistic to repeat. Do not flinch at trying out this opportunity.

Levi S
Best cooking school with a soul!

Aman Ishak
This made for a quality learning experience and a delightful lunch.

My husband and I attended a Bai Pai Thai cooking class today in Bangkok, from the shopping at the exotic, open air food market to the moment we stepped from our van on to the beautiful grounds until we left, very full. The staff was fabulous. We watched our Chef prepare and cook a dish and then we each got to prepare and cook the same dish by ourselves. This made for a quality learning experience and a delightful lunch. I would highly recommend attending this cooking school.

Lorraine Conn
Nice ecosystem for learning how to cook Thai food,

Romantic, surrounded by nature, peaceful for a retreat

Ammarin Daranpob
I loved every second of this cooking class.

The venue was stunning, the food delicious and most importantly the staff were both entertaining and great teachers. I highly recommend anyone with an inclining of interest in cooking to take part. Well done to all the team at Baipai Thai Cooking School.

Josiah Eadie
Highly recommend!!

Must thing to do in Bangkok if you love Thai food! Such an awesome experience! All the staffs was attentive and nice

Kimberly J. K
Each time I visit Bangkok I make sure I swing for 4 hours of fun and cooking Thai food.

Small classes in morning and the afternoon, you can choose menu on website and book it for that day. Driver pick you up at hotel and bring to school, after small introduction to each other and ingredients time to start cooking delicious food. Stuff is very nice, full of Thai hospitality also you can meet people from all the world. Don't miss this opportunity. I'm ready for next trip....

Andrew A
Housed in an attractive suburban villa, and taught by a small army of staff,

Baipai offers two daily lessons of four dishes each. Transport is available.

Ittipat Prapaprasert
Highly recommend.

Dropped into the class last minute and was pleasantly surprised by how smoothly and professionally the class was run.

Alex Sasha Furmansky
Simply an amazing experience

One of the highlights on our recent visit to Thailand. Do yourself a favor and make the reservation.

I will return for another class next time I'm in Bangkok!

I booked this event on Tripadvisor. Had an eventful day with June and Chef Noi and the rest of the staff. The class is held in a very nice location, where you will arrive after being picked up from your hotel in Bangkok. We made 4 dishes, including 1 dessert. The chef will first prepare the dish and explain all the steps. Then everyone will get to taste the chefs food, so you know what taste you will be aiming for. You will then go to your station and cook the food for yourself, with guidance from the staff if you need. Another positive is that you get to take the recipes back home, so you can try it out in your own home! I will return for another class next time I'm in Bangkok!

We were very pleased with their cooking and service.

Joined this tour with my friend during my stay in Bangkok. It was extremely impressive. Instructor and the guide were very joyful and helpful. Took us to see the local market and got to learn about local fresh ingredients for cooking. For any tourists who visit Bangkok must join this tour. It for sure will give you a memorable trip. There is nothing for me to complain with :-) also they offer free hotel pick up and drop off! Thank you for Baipai cooking school!

Curtis Cheng
Happy to see that this school is successful over so many years.

We attend two classes many years before. Greetings from DLH

Rene Gensert
Good staffs and chefs.

They taught us for the real Thai food and taste.

Sutima Boon
This was the best part of our visit to Bangkok.

The cooking class was enjoyable, easy to learn, and located on beautiful grounds. I highly recommend this class to anyone looking for a fun culinary adventure.

Kate Stringer
Thai Culinary & Cooking Experience

Cooking up a fiery four course lunch from scratch under scorching heat in a traditional Thai Hut! From Picking herbs at petit herbal garden and grinding with mortar and pestle, as well as cracking coconut, shaving or flossing the meat and hand squeezing the milk traditional way for our green curry chicken cooked with loads of not just herbs but TLC; alongside with Tom Yum, Deep Fried Golden Pocket, and Thai Pudding, Followed by lunch! Instructors are fluent in English too! Mind you no A/C but perfectly Zen and enjoyable! Feeling sooo good after a good sweat!

Awesome experiences

From the pick up and drop off to the hotel, and the market tour ( clean and well organized local market call Or Tor Kor) our guide Som & Pop introduce us the cooking ingredients and brought us for a tour at the market before heading to the cooking school which located at a resort type building surrounded by lush of greenery. Chef Noi was fun while conducting the class. All ingredients were prepared by the cooking school and we learned step by step how to marinate and cook all the three dishes. By the end of the class we all sat down in a long table and enjoying our own “creation”. Strongly recommended.

Great fun in a stunning setting

This is a great way to spend a morning making new friends. The teachers are great fun and the setting is stunning. Definitely one to put on your travel plans when you are in Bangkok. Surprisingly, it turns out I can cook!!